1. I skip to the end of the sidewalk, my feet skidding as I smile at my mom. The sun beats down on my unshielded head and I squint at an approaching figure, the haze disfiguring Mom’s outline. “Hurry up mom you’re so slow. Did you see how fast I went?” I jump up, arms reaching for a yellow butterfly. It flutters up and out of reach. I stand impatiently on the stained, cracked pavement waiting for my mom and brother Elvis to catch up.  We walk towards a rectangular patch of cement with a silver pole plunked in the middle. Mom stops beside the gleaming pole, leaning in its slim shadow. The shadow darkens her red blazer and deepens her faded blue jeans. Minutes pass and we three remain standing there…. bla



  3. Volume 2, Issue 3 features art and words by: Maroula Blades, Sherese Francis, Alexsis Johnson, Chantay Leonard, Taylor Lewis, Sarah Lomax, Maya Marshall, Denise Miller, N.K. Navarro, Hannah Onoguwe, Sarah Osman, Rae Paris, Terrica Payton, Bonita Lee Pen, K. Imani Tennyson, Sarah Webb, Seretha Williams, Naima Woods 


  4. Thrilled to have the help and talent of these women: Tara Betts, Ramona Pina, Jamie Moore, and Mimi Watkins! 


  5. It’s publication month which means it will be quiet over here until September 1 when the next issue comes out. 

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  6. Submissions close August 1st. Still seeking art, photography, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.


  7. Next issue’s theme: “Time”  


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  10. What you should be reading on Spring Break

    BLACKBERRY: a magazine, Issue 3, "Where the light is"

    By BLACKBERRY a magazine in BLACKBERRY: a magazine

    44 pages, published 2/28/2013

    Issue 3, “Where the light is”Art, photography, and words by: Jacquese Armstrong, Miracle Austin, Tara Betts, Danielle Boodoo-Fortune, Valentina Cano, Nikia Chaney, Latorial Faison, Ernestia Fraser, Gerri Gibson, Jamila Kareem, Kristie Kennedy, Inda Lauryn, Lecia McHargue, Ayanna Muata, Khaliah D. Pitts, Seletta Raven, Gizelle S., Cynthia Staples, Esme-Michelle Watkins