1. Blackberry Lit Mag seeking submissions


    This months’ theme is “Skin Deep.” Submission deadline for this premier issue is March 15, 2012.

    Blackberry aims to be a premier literary magazine featuring African-American women writers and artists*. Its goal is to expose readers to the diversity of the black woman’s experience and strengthen the black female voice in both the mainstream and independent markets.

    Blackberry is seeking all forms of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, artwork and photography. However, we are not interested in science fiction, fantasy, or derivative fiction. We are open to spiritual pieces regardless of faith, sect or denomination.

    We are interested in work that goes beneath the surface and touches the spirit. Your work should explore the universal truths of life while showing the diversity of our experiences.

    With all submissions please send a short bio with a website you would like promoted if we accept your work.

    You may submit up to 3 poems not exceeding 1500 words.

    All other forms: no more than 2 pieces not exceeding 4000 words.

    Artwork must be 2-dimensional, in color or black-and-white, 300 dpi or higher. If applicable, include captions.

    All submissions should be inspired by the issue’s theme, usually a key word or phrase, that is open to interpretation by the artist.

    Compensation is in the form of a contributor’s copy.

    Please send all submissions using submishmas link: http://blackberryamagazine.submishmash.com/submit.

    Will also accept submissions via email: editor.blackberrylitmag [at] gmail.com

    Everything will be read, and the most compelling selected. We look forward to reading your work!

    *While Blackberry’s main focus is on black female writers and artists, we will not automatically dismiss work based on ethnic or racial identity. If the magazine and its themes speak to you, please submit!

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